School of Basic Education

School of Basic Education was established in July 2020. The School is mainly responsible for the teaching and research work of public courses such as ideological and political science, college English, mathematics, physics, sports and music, as well as, students’ physical health test, sports meetings, competitions and training.

School of Basic Education has a well-structured and dedicated teaching staff, with 74 faculty members, including 67 full-time teachers (including 8 full-time doctoral teachers). While undertaking massive teaching tasks, our teachers insist on carrying out research work, successively completing 9 provincial-level teaching reform projects, building 7 provincial-level first-class courses and publishing 10 textbooks in a first-class publishing house. Our teachers have also won 8 provincial awards in the teaching skills competition in Zhejiang Province; received more than 10 teaching honorary titles, such as advanced individual in Zhejiang province and young and middle-aged backbone teachers in Ningbo.

School of Basic Education has social sports guidance and management major, which is responsible for cultivating applied talents with good sports specialized skills who can engage in mass fitness guidance and service in communities, related sports organizations and management departments. The School has signed and established close cooperation relations with more than 10 enterprises and institutions, including Ningbo Water Sports Training Base, Ningbo No.2 Children’s Amateur Sports School, Ningbo Taekwondo Association and Ningbo Manfen Sports Development Co., Ltd. In addition, the School has set up a number of practical teaching bases for city and school-level college students in Cixi and Yuyao; acooperated with Gongniu Group Co., Ltd to build the “Home of Migratory Birds”.

Adhering to the motto of “cultivating knowledgeable, open-minded, virtuous, talents who can promote social development”, taking the school’s “student-centered” concept as the guide, our School pays attention to the cultivation of students’ quality and ability. Teachers of the Department of Physical Education have instructed students to win many successes in large-scale sports competitions such as the National College Student “Sunshine Cup”, the National Skipping League and the National College Student Sports Industry Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition. Teachers from the Department of Mathematics and Science have guided students to win 3 national awards and 48 provincial awards in the China Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling and the National University Student Social Practice and Science Contest on Energy Saving & Emission Reduction.