School of Continuing Education

School of Continuing Education (SCE) at  College of Science and Technology (CST), Ningbo University provides undergraduate degree programs, certificate programs and variable-length, tailor-made training courses to fulfill the needs of individuals and organizations.

As a professional education powerhouse, our school features a structured and well-managed organization with four departments: Administrative Office, Training Center, Undergraduate Degree Center and Student Affairs Office. In 2020, it founded Research Center for Quality Education of the Youth and Ningke International University for the Elderly. Based in Cixi City, we cooperate closely with local organization departments and education authorities to establish research institutes. To be specific, we have co-built three innovative research institutes---Cixi Study Travel Research Institute with Cixi Education Bureau, Revival of Rural Children’s Palace with the local Office for the Building of Spiritual Civilization and Cixi Rural Revitalization Research Institute with Cixi Agriculture Bureau.

With a strong faculty team, a sound learning environment and professional management, we have been accredited for Zhejiang Elementary and Secondary School Teachers Training Institution, Ningbo Exemplary Training Base for Technical Personnel, Ningbo Skills and Entrepreneurship Incubation Platform and so on.

In 2022, a range of undergraduate degree programs, as well as a variety of continuing education courses and certificates covering social governance, law, economics, International business, management, pedagogy, accounting, e-commerce, food safety and farming, etc. were offered to more than 18,000 personnel including local Party Cadres, elementary and secondary school teachers, employees from state-owned companies, technicians, farmers and the like. The participants were attending the courses either in the classroom or via the internet, or doing the hybrid---a combination of online and offline.

Adhering to the principles of strengthening moral education and cultivating people, we have been unswervingly following the path of connotative development, striving to improve education quality and civil quality, and accelerating the transformation of continuing education so as to promote the building of a learning society.