A Brief Introduction


Approved by the Ministry of Education of PRC and the People’s Government of Zhejiang Province, College of Science and Technology (CST), Ningbo University is a comprehensive university offering undergraduate education. As a pioneer in higher education reform of Zhejiang, CST was established in April, 1999 as the first state-owned and private-run secondary college. In November 2004, it was listed as one of the first batch of independent colleges in Zhejiang Province by Ministry of Education. In December of the same year, it won the top rating in the inspection of university facilities and teaching quality organized by Ministry of Education. In 2010, it was awarded as “National Advanced Independent College”. In September, 2019, it moved from Zhenhai District to Cixi City and started a new chapter in growth and development. In 2022, CST ranked top 5 among all the independent colleges in our country in Wushulian ranking list.

Following the development trends of modern science and technology and the needs of local economy and society, CST boasts 9 subordinate schools (including School of Humanities, School of Information Engineering, School of Economics and Law/E-commerce, School of Management, School of Design and Art, School of Life Sciences and Materials Chemistry, School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation, School of Civil Engineering and Architecture and School of Basic Education /Marxism), and 54 undergraduate programs under 9 disciplines, forming a complete and comprehensive system of disciplines and subjects.

Adhering to the “student-centered” concept, CST aims to cultivate application-oriented talents with both academic and practical competence. Currently, there are more than 13,000 full-time undergraduate students on campus and over 40,000 qualified graduates already brought up for social development. Over the years, CST has excelled at the employment rate of graduates, the results of competitions at all levels, and the passing rate of TEM4, etc. For consecutive three years, students have performed well in “Challenge Cup” and “Creating Youth” National Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Competitions, and won two gold and one silver medals. The total number of gold medals they have won in the 4th China Internet+ College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition ranked Top 8 among all universities in the country and Top 1 among all independent colleges. In year 2021 and 2022, students won one gold and one silver medal respectively in the 7th and 8th China Internet+ College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition. It was the only gold medal awarded to the independent college in the country for both years.

CST adopts a developmental approach of application-orientation, regionalization and distinction. Since it relocated to Cixi, CST has taken the initiative to get engaged in local economy, and integrated industry with education by actively exploring and practicing the “Two-wheel Drive” mode. That is, by constructing high-level modern industrial institutes and research centers, to promote education, talents training, scientific research, local services and so on. The successive establishment of industrial institutes and industry-education integration alliances, such as “Bull Institute”, “Cixing Smart Industry Institute”, “Xinhai Institute”, “Yunji UAV Institute”, “Fushan Innovation Institute” , “Fangtai E-commerce Talents program” opens a distinctive new path for school-enterprise cooperation. In 2022, CST has successfully been approved one provincial key modern Industry Institute and one Zhejiang Industry-Education Integration Alliance. The achievements have been repeatedly reported by mainstream media, like CCTV News, China Education Daily, Zhejiang Daily, playing a demonstrating and leading role. Meanwhile, a cluster of high-level research centers, such as Application Technology Research Institute,Regional Economy and Social Development Research Institute,have been set up with the support from well-known high-tech companies as well as local government. The deepening college-government-enterprise cooperation guarantees win-win situation in all aspects from talents training, scientific innovation to local services.  

CST has been actively promoting international exchange and education, constantly expanding cooperation with overseas institutions and universities and seeking for further cooperation partners. In 2019, it started the joint Bachelor’s Program of Advertising with Juniata College in the USA, which was officially been approved by the Ministry of Education. The same year, Spanish Language and Culture Center has settled in our college; the first International Chinese Language Training Center in Ningbo has been established. Until present, the College has maintained exchange and cooperation relations with 40 universities or institutions located in the United Kingdom, the United States, Spain, South Korea, Japan, Thailand and other countries, carrying out all-round cooperation projects. In the Annual Report on the Internationalization of Higher Education in Zhejiang Province released by the Institute of Higher Education of Zhejiang University in 2019 and 2020, the College ranked first among Zhejiang independent colleges for two consecutive years.

CST is in an important period of deep transformation and development. Departing from today, It will firmly establish itself in Cixi, will continue to dream big and keep its feet on the ground, and will forge ahead towards its aim of building up a high-level application-oriented university with own characteristics.

(Data as of February 2023)