A Brief Introduction

       College of Science and Technology (CST), Ningbo University (NBU), founded in April, 1999, is a full-time regular higher learning institution offering undergraduate level degree education. It is established by Ningbo University with the permission of Ministry of Education and Zhejiang Provincial People's government.

 As a pilot in the reform of Zhejiang's higher learning education system, CST was the first state-owned secondary college run by non-governmental sectors in Zhejiang. In November, 2004, CST was recognized as one of the first batch of Zhejiang's independent colleges by Ministry of Education. In the same year, CST won the top rating in the inspection of school-running facilities and teaching quality organized by Ministry of Education in December. In July, 2010, CST was honored with the title of "National Excellent Independent College". In July, 2018, CST successfully passed the acceptance of specification setting of Zhejiang's independent colleges. In September, 2019, CST moved to its newly-built campus, located in Baisha Road Street in the city of Cixi, with a land area of about 800 mu.

Since its foundation, CST adheres to the philosophy of "student-oriented education" and the development path of regionalization and distinctiveness, training applied students with two strengths: strength in self-learning and strength in practice. Currently, CST has 8 secondary schools, 50 undergraduate programs and more than 10,000 full-time students. Over the years, the overall strength of CST, including the employment rates, the awards from all kind of academic competitions, and the passing rate of TEM 4 (Test for English Majors) has been ranked high among the independent colleges all over China.

CST is one of the new colleges that come out in China’s higher education reform and development and is the pathfinder for Zhejiang-style independent colleges. Facing the new situations in higher education reform and development, CST will keep forging ahead, innovating teaching model and fostering schooling characteristics to build a high-level application-oriented college with distinctive regional characteristics.