School of Civil Engineering and Architecture

School of Civil Engineering and Architecture contains four majors in Civil Engineering, Engineering Management, Architecture and Urban & Rural Planning, covering the whole process of project consultation, environmental assessment, project planning, architectural design, structural design, civil engineering construction, equipment installation, construction management and operation service.

Relying on the establishment of specialty group of Construction Engineering, the school has built a practical teaching platform, formed a number of research fields covering the whole life cycle of the building, and developed a qualified teacher team integrating teaching, scientific research and local services, providing a solid guarantee for the personalized development of students.

The school adheres to the philosophy of “student-oriented education”, explores and implements the curriculum system of “platform + specialty + expansion”. Taking the regional demand of economic development in the Yangtze River Delta and Ningbo as the guide, the school will continuously deepen the professional connotation and strengthen the specialty characteristics in order to deliver excellent talents for the local industries.