School of Design and Art

According to the overall orientation of "regional leading, characteristic development, and international vision", the School of Design and Art adheres to the principle of "culture as the source, creativity as the soul, technology as the core, and industry as the basis", and promotes the integration of industry, education and research to meet the development of regional cultural and creative industries and social needs , so as to create an international high-end platform for cultural and creative industries with "creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship".

The School of Design and Art currently has six majors in environmental design, animation design, visual communication design, product design, industrial design, and handicraft design (enrollment starting in 2020). At present, it has introduced 5 "master studios".

The school attaches great importance to the introduction and cultivation of high-level talents such as academic leaders; focuses on the discipline development direction around Cixi culture and Ningbo culture; continues to build in-depth "master studios" and teaching studios, and strengthens international exchanges and cooperation in disciplines. The school implements the integration strategy of industry, education and research of“discipline integration, specialty complementation, cluster development and industrial service”. With "teaching" as the core, the professional ability, international vision, the ability of social practice and service of teachers and students are constantly improved.