School of Life Sciences and Materials Chemistry

Established in 2005, the School of Life Sciences and Materials Chemistry has 6 majors in clinical medicine, biotechnology, bioengineering, applied chemistry, environmental engineering, and social sports guidance and management, with a total of 1202 students and six subordinate units: department of biology, department of chemistry, department of Environment, department of Public Sports, professional laboratory, Student Physical Health Test Center.

The school currently has 42 faculty members, including 13 teachers with senior titles, 20 doctors and 17 masters.

The school is oriented to show its characteristics, give full play to its professional advantages, promote the intersection and integration of disciplines, build a high-level scientific and technological platform, and cultivate "three strong and one high" talents with strong hands-on ability, strong adaptability, strong innovation ability and high comprehensive quality. At the same time, combining the characteristics of disciplines and specialties, the school regards students’ postgraduate entrance examinations as an important direction, fosters a good academic style, and trains talents with high academic qualifications.