School of Management

The School of Management was established in January 2019, and was reorganized from the former School of Law and Economics. It is currently the secondary school with the largest number of students in the College of Science and Technology, Ningbo University.

The school has four majors in accounting, business management, logistics management and tourism management, with a total of more than 1700 students.

The School of Management has been committed to the cultivation of first-class application-oriented undergraduate talents, and has made remarkable achievements in various discipline competitions over the years. In recent years, it has achieved four golds and one silver in the state-level Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition such as "Internet+" and "Creating Youth (Challenge Cup)". The score ranked among the best in independent colleges across the country.

At the same time, the teachers of the school have been fruitful in teaching and have won the Award of Teaching Achievement in Ningbo for many times. In 2015, the school established the Comprehensive Business Training Center, which aims to deliver a batch of management talents who can master comprehensive skills of management, accounting, law, trade and economy through the platform of cross-professional simulation training courses.

In addition, the school has carried out extensive international cooperation with multiple channels and multiple modes. Among them, a cooperative project on tourism management with EHIB (Escola d’Hoteleria de les Illes Balears) has been successfully established, adopting the "3 + 1" training mode to jointly cultivate top international talents for the operation and management of high-end resort hotels.