School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation

The School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation aims at cultivating practice-based technical talents, adheres to the philosophy of “student-oriented education”, and explores and implements the curriculum system of “platform + specialty + expansion”.

On this basis, the school proposed the “three multi- and one new” engineering characteristics, namely, the establishment of a multi-disciplinary sharing platform, diversification of off-campus practice bases, and multi-party interaction among classrooms, laboratories and off-campus practice bases, and one new teaching mode with latest technology of production practice embedded.

In the past three years, our school has achieved good results by adhering to its teaching characteristics and philosophy of the integration of production and education.

In the discipline competition, it won 16 national awards and 92 provincial awards. In practical teaching, more than 30 practical teaching bases have been established, 104 enterprise mentors have been hired, more than 400 have been sent to corporate learning, and Ningbo teaching base for demonstration of industry-education integration has been approved.

In scientific research, our teachers have participated in and presided over 4 national-level projects, 10 provincial-level projects, more than 40 municipal-level projects, more than 20 horizontal projects, and accumulated research funding of more than 40 million yuan. More than 100 papers have been published in core journals at home and abroad. More than 30 invention patents have been successfully applied for and authorized.